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Billings—Today, the Montana Standard in Butte endorsed Sen. Jon Tester for U.S. Senate, citing his commitment to Montanans’ health care, our farmers, and veterans. The Standard criticized Matt Rosendale for lacking “knowledge beyond talking points,” and his recent “conversion” on public lands, which he previously pushed to transfer. Rosendale was hit for his health care […]

US Chamber of Commerce Misleads Montanans on Tester’s Record Billings—Today, the US Chamber of Commerce launched a new television advertisement urging Montana voters to call Jon Tester and ask him to stand up to Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and oppose their Medicare-For-All bill. There’s just a few problems: Tester already opposes this bill, and […]

Billings—The editorial board of Montana’s largest newspaper endorsed Sen. Jon Tester today for U.S. Senate. The Billings Gazette called Tester a “champion” for our veterans, farmers and ranchers, affordable health care, access to public lands, and holding government accountable. The Gazette pointed to Tester’s statewide listening sessions and meetings with Montanans as an effective way […]

Bozeman—Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale, who throughout this campaign has been unable to articulate how exactly he will protect coverage for the 152,000 Montanans with pre-existing conditions, was on the defensive yet again during Saturday’s debate. And yet again, he had no good answer. In fact, he didn’t answer the question at all. Rosendale was put […]

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