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Washington Money Flows Freely to Try and Buoy Maryland Matt Rosendale   Billings—This week, the National Republican Senate Committee launched a new misleading television ad against Jon Tester in a desperate attempt to help out their flawed, unpopular, and failing candidate Matt Rosendale. The NRSC ad twists Tester’s record to try and turn him into […]

Full page ad, digital ads show Rosendale’s true anti-public lands record   Billings—Sen. Jon Tester’s campaign took out a full page ad in the Sidney Herald this week after East Coast developer Matt Rosendale made misleading claims to that same newspaper that he supported public lands, even when he has repeatedly called for the transfer […]

Shoddy, Photoshopped Advertisement from Anonymous Group Literally Turns Jon Tester into Something He’s Not   Billings—This week, the Senate Reform Fund continued their assault on the truth with more dark money attacks against Sen. Jon Tester. Senate Reform Fund, a recently formed dark money group with no federally reported spending or donations, continued their deceitful […]

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