VIDEO: Jon files for another term

Here’s a new video of Jon, Sharla and their grandkids from Tuesday, when Jon filed for re-election at the Montana Secretary of State’s office:

For Jon, filing to run for another term was a family event.  As he put it: “I’m not running to improve my quality of life—I’m running to improve the lives of my grandkids and all Montanans who’ll live here long after I’m gone.”

Tester Rehberg fileJon’s low-key announcement was starkly different from when Dennis Rehberg announced his candidacy in January.  Congressman Rehberg surrounded himself with dozens of state lawmakers, considered by many to be among the most irresponsible state lawmakers in Montana’s history.

During his event, Rehberg praised members of his party in the Legislature.  Those lawmakers earned headlines nationwide for comparing women to cattle, defending drunk driving, and trying to legalize spear hunting.  Rehberg’s filing event (notably one of only a handful events he held in January) involved lawmakers who prioritized an out-of-touch agenda rather than create jobs for Montana.

Jon had a different message–he will continue making responsible decisions, defending Montana’s values and holding himself and our government accountable to our state.