Yet Again, Matt Rosendale Forced to Call For Backup From Mitch McConnell’s Washington Machine

McConnell’s PAC Attempts to Smear Tester’s Strong Record on Border Security

Billings—This week, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale was forced to call for backup for his feeble campaign from the National Republican Senate Committee. The Mitch McConnell-backed super PAC launched a new misleading television ad against Jon Tester in a half-hearted attempt to cover up Tester’s strong record on border security.

As Ranking Member of the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee, Tester has worked with the Trump Administration to fight for the resources needed to secure our borders.

Tester is working to put more boots on the ground at our borders, and has co-sponsored and voted for multiple bills to train additional customs and border protection officers and increase staffing on the border. Tester has also pushed to improve technology and infrastructure at the border to help border security agents do their jobs safely and effectively.

Contrary to what his party bosses would have you believe, Rosendale has a proven record of voting against harsher penalties for criminals in Montana. Montana’s largest newspaper slammed him for being only one of seven state senators to vote against a bipartisan bill backed by Republican Attorney General Tim Fox that cracked down on human trafficking in Montana.

Rosendale also voted against creating a permanent office in the Montana Department of Justice to prosecute sexual assault, and voted against funding a notification service that alerts victims of sexual assault when their attacker is released from prison.

“Matt Rosendale won’t—or can’t—defend his record to Montanans, so now he’s relying on his party bosses to distort Jon Tester’s record instead,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “Rosendale knows Montanans don’t support his weak record on crime, his votes against our veterans, or his attempts to rob Montanans of their health care. But no amount of calling in his Washington swamp money is going to be able to help Rosendale turn Jon Tester into something he’s not.”

For more information on the NRSC’s advertisement click HERE.