WATCH: Rosendale Lets “Bad Actors” Off the Hook—As Long As They Donate to His Campaign

Billings—Recently, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale claimed the auditor’s office “prosecute[s] bad actors.” But while protecting Montanans is in Rosendale’s job description, the facts show he has only looked out for himself and his big money backers.

In fact, Rosendale dropped charges against “bad actors,” who also happened to be top donors to his campaign.


During his campaign for auditor, representatives from a company under investigation with the auditor’s office funneled Rosendale’s campaign nearly $13,000. Soon after becoming auditor, Rosendale dropped fines and charges against his donors’ company—which a government ethics watchdog said “looks like [Rosendale] is making the decision in exchange for the campaign contributions.” His office dropped the fines and charges one day after he met with company representatives.

Rosendale has shown he’s incapable of prosecuting bad actors if he has something to gain from them, and he won’t hesitate to put himself above Montanans any chance he gets.