TONIGHT: Will Rosendale Show Up to the First Debate?

Missoula—A friendly reminder—today would be the second debate between Matt Rosendale and Jon Tester, if Matt Rosendale hadn’t bailed on the first debate less than a week before it was set to take place.

After Rosendale committed to participating in the first debate of the general election back in June, he bailed just days before the debate was scheduled to take place.

Of course, that’s nothing new for Rosendale.

While running to be Montana’s state auditor just a few short years ago, Rosendale refused a televised debate with his general election opponent, Jesse Laslovich. Because of Rosendale’s unwillingness to participate in even one televised debate in 2016, Montanans were forced to cast their ballots for state auditor without ever seeing Rosendale talk about the issues face-to-face with his opponent.

Rosendale hasn’t had to defend his record to Montanans in a general election debate, like the one scheduled for Saturday night, in years—and for Rosendale, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The question is: Will he show up?