Tester Campaign Statement on Rosendale Bailing on First Debate

Billings—Today, the campaign for farmer and US Senator Jon Tester released the following statement from communications director Chris Meagher after Matt Rosendale bailed at the last minute:

“After agreeing to Sunday’s debate in Whitefish, Matt Rosendale has decided at the last minute to bail, and duck Montana voters. Maybe he’s not prepared to defend the fact that he’s not a real rancher and owns no cattle, or why he signed under penalty of perjury that he was a Maryland resident to get a tax break. Maybe he’s not ready to talk about how he rubberstamped higher health care rates for Montanans. Or maybe he’s not ready to defend his terrible anti-veteran and anti-public land record.

“Whatever the excuse is, it’s disappointing. This debate is a Montana tradition, but of course Montana traditions mean nothing to Maryland Matt. Montana voters can’t trust Matt Rosendale to keep his word, but Jon Tester will be in Whitefish whether Matt Rosendale is there or not.”