Surprise, Surprise: Dark Money Group Continues to Spread Fiction About Jon Tester

Shoddy, Photoshopped Advertisement from Anonymous Group Literally Turns Jon Tester into Something He’s Not


Billings—This week, the Senate Reform Fund continued their assault on the truth with more dark money attacks against Sen. Jon Tester.

Senate Reform Fund, a recently formed dark money group with no federally reported spending or donations, continued their deceitful and dishonest big money ad campaign against Montana farmer Jon Tester.

The Orwellianly-named Senate Reform Fund—whose sole target since being formed is Tester—has a history of lying about Tester. After fabricating quotes in their last advertisement, they’ve sunk to literally turning Tester into something he’s not.

The Senate Reform Fund ignores the 18 Tester bills President Trump has signed into law, including grants that help keep Montana communities safe. In addition to distorting Tester’s strong record on national security, border security, and standing up for Montana agriculture, Senate Reform Fund photoshopped Tester’s trademark flattop and 2-fingered mitt onto stock photos.

“Montanans are used to out-of-state groups coming in and trying to turn Jon into something he’s not, but this ad is a new low in dishonesty for Matt Rosendale and his dark money pals,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “You can use photoshop to put on a flattop and take the fingers off of a stock photo, but you can’t change Jon’s record of relentlessly defending Montana—you’d need something a lot stronger than a meat grinder for that.”

For more information on Senate Reform Fund’s false advertisement click HERE.