SCOOP: Jon Tester Announces Two New Ice Cream Flavors from Big Dipper at Ice Cream Social

Missoula—Here’s the scoop: Montana farmer Jon Tester dished up two new ice cream flavors at his ice cream social today.

These hard hitting flavors were anything but soft served. Supporters I-screamed for ice cream as Tester talked about what’s at stake in this election and served up two new flavors brought to them by Big Dipper: Flattop Fudge and Sharla’s Strawberry Rhubarb.

Jon spoke about holding government acCONEtable, his record of sprinkling Washington with a little Montana commonsense, and the important decision Montanans will have this November. He highlighted his ability to reach across the aisle and get 18 bills signed into law by President Trump.

There will be a stark CONEtrast this November: a third-generation Montanan who won’t waffle on defending Montana, and an East Coast developer who serves up nothing but a rocky road for Montanans.

“Montanans know that our values are on the ballot this November, from affordable health care to caring for our veterans to keeping public lands in public hands,” said Tester. “I’ll never stop defending Montana. This election is going to be won by folks talking to their neighbors, working hard, and talking about the issues. And everyone deserves a little ice cream for their hard work.”