Out-of-State Money Rushes to Matt Rosendale’s Rescue (Yet Again) to Hide His Swampy Record

Koch Brothers-Backed Club For Growth Pours Cash into Deceptive New Ad

Billings—This week, Matt Rosendale’s Koch brothers-backed bailout group Club For Growth launched yet another television ad from their East Coast headquarters to try and distract Montanans from paying attention to Rosendale’s terrible record.

The ad only gets one thing right—Montanans know when somebody else should drive. Out-of-state, dark money groups have taken the wheel of Rosendale’s campaign, and Montanans are in the back seat.

The misleading ad tries to cover up Jon Tester’s strong record of fighting back against government waste, fraud and abuse. Tester has consistently fought for a balanced budget on a national level, and has also cut spending in his own office—to the tune of $3.3 million returned from his office budget.

This Congress, Tester passed legislation to cut down on government waste and fraud, which was signed into law by President Trump. Over the years, Tester has fought to end automatic pay raises, ban wasteful spending by members of Congress, and is pushing to make big government contracts available to the public so taxpayers know exactly how their dollars are being spent.

Rosendale, on the other hand, is no such responsible steward of taxpayer dollars. Rosendale has been a full-throated supporter of a tax law that will add $2 trillion to the national debt just to give a hand out to big corporations and wealthy shareholders.

Rosendale has also been a reliable vote for his dark money backers, and has voted multiple times against increasing campaign finance transparency.

“Matt Rosendale’s record makes one thing obvious: He brought the swamp with him to Montana,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “Rosendale will bend over backwards for his out-of-state, dark money backers at the drop of a hat—but if Montana families need something from him, forget about it. Jon Tester is a third-generation Montanan, a dirt farmer, and fights for Montana harder than a Maryland real estate developer ever could.”

For more information on Club For Growth’s advertisement, click HERE.