Out-of-State Dark Money Group Lying About Jon Tester’s Record

Shady Anonymous Advertisement Riddled with Falsehoods

Billings—Yesterday, yet another shady, out-of-state, dark money super PAC began launching false attacks against Sen. Jon Tester.

Senate Reform Fund, a recently formed dark money group with no federally reported spending or donations, began a deceitful and dishonest ad campaign against Montana farmer Jon Tester. Tester is the only target of the group’s website, and they have purchased significant time over the next two weeks running an ad campaign full of lies.

The ad campaign erroneously and fraudulently attributes three different quotes to Tester which he did not say. It also erroneously attributes ten fingers to the seven-fingered farmer.

The ad also distorts his record with false and misleading information. Senate Reform Fund misrepresents Jon’s voting record to try and score political points. In fact, one vote cited by the anonymous group is about a completely different policy matter, and the ad ignores Jon’s long history of championing ethics reform in Washington in favor of cheap attacks.

In his contested primary against a group of Tier C candidates, Matt Rosendale was carried across the finish line only because of a boost in the form of millions of dollars in out-of-state, special interest money.

“In Montana, facts matter and your word is your bond. So it’s no surprise that East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s out-of-state, dark money allies resort to made-up quotes and blatant falsehoods to distort Jon’s record and try to make him into something he’s not,” said Montanans for Tester Campaign Manager Christie Roberts. “This type of dark money, swamp behavior is exactly what Jon Tester fights against every day in the Senate, and Montana won’t tolerate it.”

For more information on Senate Reform Fund’s false advertisement click HERE.