NEW TV AD: Real Estate Developer Matt Rosendale Caught in a Lie to Montanans: “I’m A Rancher”

Billings—Today, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new 30-second statewide television ad, exposing how Maryland real estate developer Matt Rosendale made being a rancher the centerpiece of his biography as he campaigned around the state—until he was caught in his lie.

The ad features video of Rosendale calling himself a rancher on the campaign trail—and exposes how Rosendale has never owned any cattle and started scrubbing his rancher ‘experience’ from his campaign bios on Twitter, his campaign website, and press releases after he got caught.

WATCH: “I’m A Rancher”

For months, Rosendale has campaigned on his “rancher” experience, despite hardly ever referencing that experience prior to this run for office. Public records showed that the wealthy East Coast developer bought a $2 million Montana ranch, but he has never reported actually owning any cows and doesn’t have an active livestock brand.

He doesn’t appear to have ever used the cattle brand that came with the purchase of the land, and he allowed the brand to expire at first opportunity. He even filmed an ad featuring cows and a red barn—neither of which appear to exist on his own property.

When asked to explain, Rosendale did what he does best: refused to comment.

“Matt Rosendale has been fundamentally dishonest with Montanans about who he really is,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager for Montanans for Tester. “Rosendale knows that he’s in big trouble with his true record of voting against veterans, access to Montana’s public lands, and affordable health care, so he’s had to make himself into something he’s not. With no brand and no cattle, Rosendale certainly isn’t a rancher—and he certainly won’t fight for Montana ranchers in Washington.”

Rosendale has continued to support the trade war, which is creating a lot of uncertainty for Montana agriculture.

But rather than take their concerns seriously, Rosendale went on national television to say that he was okay with Montana agriculture being used as a bargaining chip, stating that farmers’ suffering is “all part of this negotiation process.”

As the Senate’s only working farmer, Jon Tester knows what it takes to make a living on the land in Montana. Every day, Tester relentlessly advocates for Montana farmers and ranchers in the Senate.

Tester has successfully fought back against attempts to close Farm Service Agencies, eliminate rural development leadership, and cut funds for critical agriculture research facilities. Recently, Tester fought for a Farm Bill that works for Montana farmers and ranchers, including critical provisions that protect crop insurance and invest in rural communities.

Tester has also fought to cut down on burdensome regulations for farmers and ranchers, and has protected them from unfair international trade policies.

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