NEW TV AD: Jon Tester Fights to Hold Washington Accountable Every Day

Billings—This week, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new 30-second statewide television ad highlighting Tester’s work to hold Congress accountable to the people of Montana.

The ad slams East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s out-of-state millionaire cronies for lying about Jon Tester and trying to make him into something he’s not—and then sets the record straight.

Jon Tester has fought to ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, has pushed consistently to end automatic pay raises for Congress, and he has returned more than $3 million in unspent taxpayer funds from his office budget.

Tester has an extensive record of fighting to limit lobbyist influence and ensure that every taxpayer dime is accounted for. One of the first bills he ever helped pass was legislation that banned members of Congress—himself included—from accepting travel, meals, and gifts from lobbyists. The legislation also requires the disclosure of campaign money bundled by lobbyists.

WATCH: “Value The Truth”

“In Montana, the truth still matters,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager for Montanans for Tester. “Jon understands that when you’re sent to Washington, you’re there to serve. That’s why Jon has relentlessly fought to hold government accountable to Montana, and will continue to do so. Matt Rosendale, meanwhile, is only looking out for himself, and counting on his out-of-state billionaire backers to spread lies about Jon. That’s the East Coast way of doing things—but in Montana, honesty still means something.”