NEW Print and Digital Ads: Rosendale Can Try to Rewrite History, But He Called for the Transfer of Public Lands

Full page ad, digital ads show Rosendale’s true anti-public lands record


Billings—Sen. Jon Tester’s campaign took out a full page ad in the Sidney Herald this week after East Coast developer Matt Rosendale made misleading claims to that same newspaper that he supported public lands, even when he has repeatedly called for the transfer of federal public lands.

The ad calls out Rosendale for lying to Montanans about his public lands record, and points to statements he made and actions he’s taken to prevent public access, including by voting against protecting access to more than 7,000 acres threatened by encroaching development in southwest Montana.


The Tester campaign also launched a statewide digital ad campaign, highlighting statements Rosendale has made admitting that he has “long been on the record as an advocate for the transfer of federal public lands to the state.”

“Matt Rosendale is willing to say anything his Washington cronies tell him will help him get elected,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “This time, he’s claiming he supports our public lands, but he’s not fooling anyone. His record clearly shows the truth: He has voted against Montana’s interests and against protecting public lands. He’s even bragged about being a long-time advocate for transferring them, showing just how out-of-touch he is with Montana values.”