NEW PAID DIGITAL ADS: Jon’s Fight For Tribal Veterans

Billings—Today, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and U.S. Senator Jon Tester launched four new paid digital ads for his 2018 re-election campaign highlighting Tester’s fight to make sure tribal veterans in Montana get the care they have earned and deserve.

The ads feature four Native American veterans who thank Tester for his strong advocacy for Montana veterans.

Tester is ranking member on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, and has gotten ten of his bipartisan veterans bills signed into law by President Trump this Congress. Tester’s bills delivered accountability to the VA, streamlined the disability benefits appeals process, and supported veterans’ caregivers.

Tester has relentlessly fought to get Montana’s Native veterans the benefits and health care they deserve and have earned. He successfully pushed to create a housing assistance program for homeless or at-risk Native veterans and has consistently fought to permanently fund the program.

“Jon Tester is fighting for Montana’s Native veterans every day,” said Christie Roberts, Campaign Manager for Montanans for Tester. “These men and women have sacrificed so much to serve their country, and Jon won’t stop fighting to make sure they get the care and benefits they have earned.”


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East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has routinely voted against Montana’s veterans. As a state legislator, Rosendale voted against funding for veterans homes in southwest Montana and Columbia Falls, creating a scholarship for Montana Purple Heart recipients, and a home loan program for Gold Star families looking to buy their first home. When Rosendale was asked to justify these votes, he refused to discuss them and appeared not to remember his anti-veteran voting record.