NEW Digital Ad and Website Calls Out East Coast Developer Matt Rosendale For His Record of Trying to Sell Out on Public Lands

Billings—East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has long been on the record pushing to transfer federal public lands, a move that would make it easier for Montana’s outdoor heritage to be sold off and developed. And on the Land Board, Rosendale has repeatedly voted against expanding public access and protecting hunting land from encroaching development—those are just the facts.

But recently, Rosendale has been trying to rewrite history on that record by claiming he now supports public access to public lands.

Unfortunately for Rosendale, records are permanent, no matter how hard you try to cover them up. A new website launched by Jon Tester’s campaign documents Rosendale’s anti-public lands record so the people of Montana can see where his priorities truly lie.

Find out more about Rosendale’s anti-public lands record at

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. When it comes to our public lands, Rosendale has always just been out for himself.