NEW AD: Jon Will Always Fight to Protect Montanans with Preexisting Conditions

Billings—Today, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new 30-second statewide television ad to tell the story of Katie Mazurek, a Montana woman who battled cancer. The ad highlights how Jon goes to bat for families like hers when he fights every day to protect coverage for folks with preexisting conditions.

Katie is one of 152,000 Montanans with preexisting conditions like asthma, cancer, and diabetes. Katie explains that without Jon fighting to protect health care coverage for Montanans with preexisting conditions, her cancer could have made her and her family go broke—or worse.

WATCH: “Katie”

“Jon has fought relentlessly to make sure that insurance companies can’t deny coverage to Montanans with pre-existing conditions,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager for Montanans for Tester. “The story of Katie and her family isn’t unusual—more than 152,000 Montanans have preexisting conditions, and they need someone in Washington fighting relentlessly to make sure they can’t be denied coverage for their critical, life-saving care. That’s why Jon fights to protect coverage for preexisting conditions—always has, always will.”

Insurance Commissioner Matt Rosendale continues to look out only for himself, pushing for policies that are not required to cover pre-existing conditions.