NEW AD: Jon Doesn’t Stop Fighting for Montana Every Day

Billings—Today, the campaign for Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new 30-second statewide television ad highlighting that whether Jon Tester is on his farm in Big Sandy, on the job in Washington, or traveling the state to meet with Montanans, he is relentlessly defending the Montana that three generations of his family have called home.

Jon is wired to fight and willing to take on anyone to defend Montana back in Washington. He returns home nearly every weekend to Montana to meet with folks around the state and work on his farm in Big Sandy that he runs with his wife Sharla.

WATCH: “Driving”

“Every day, Jon relentlessly defends the Montana that his family has called home for three generations,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager for Montanans for Tester. “Out-of-state groups have been flooding the state with their millions trying to buy this election and make Jon into something he’s not. But no matter how much money they spend, they will never be able to change one simple fact: Jon Tester works for Montanans, and he’ll never stop fighting for our state.”