National Rifle Association Dumps Cash into Montana to Cover for Rosendale’s Second Amendment Blunder

NRA Launches New Television Ad to Distort Jon Tester’s Strong Second Amendment Record

Billings—This week, the National Rifle Association attempted to bail out East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s Tier C campaign by airing a new television ad to try to shoot holes in Jon Tester’s strong record of protecting the Second Amendment.

Given that Tester is the candidate who has made his living using a gun and Rosendale is the candidate who doesn’t know the difference between Article II and the Second Amendment, the NRA is facing an uphill battle trying to distort Jon’s record of defending Montanans’ Second Amendment rights.

Tester has relentlessly defended Second Amendment rights in the Senate—and he isn’t afraid to buck his own party to do it.

As a gun owner himself, Tester supports President Trump’s repeal of an Obama-era rule that undermined due process rights for gun owners. Tester also refuses to join his party in supporting a national gun registry, an assault weapons ban, or allowing government to stand in the way of family firearm sales.

A former chair of the sportsmen’s caucus in Congress, Tester has been recognized for protecting Second Amendment rights by multiple sportsmen groups, such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and the Boone and Crockett Club.

It’s not surprising that the NRA would be willing to twist the facts in their recent advertisement—Rosendale kicked off his campaign by telling a “pants on fire” lie about Tester’s record on the Second Amendment and hasn’t stopped misleading Montanans since.

“Jon owns guns, made a living with a gun, and has always fought back against politicians who try to get between Montanans and their guns,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “When it comes to the Second Amendment, Jon has never been afraid to buck his party and defend our Montana way of life. It’s clear Maryland Matt Rosendale doesn’t know the difference between a six-shooter and a peashooter, and it’s no surprise he continues to lie about and distort Jon’s strong record on the Second Amendment.”

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