Montana’s Seniors Support Jon Tester for Senate

Billings—Today, farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched Seniors for Tester, a group of seniors from across the state who support Jon for his strong record of fighting on behalf of Montana seniors in the Senate.

Tester has relentlessly fought to protect the programs that Montana seniors have been paying into their entire lives. He has consistently voted against attempts to gut Medicare and Social Security, and strongly believes that these safety nets need to be protected for the hundreds of thousands of Montanans they currently support.

“Hundreds of thousands of Montana seniors rely on Social Security and Medicare, which is why I will relentlessly defend Social Security and Medicare for Montana’s seniors and for future generations,” Tester said. “It is unconscionable to consider gutting or privatizing Medicare and Social Security, not just because of the impact it will have on Montana seniors, but for impact it will have on future generations. I won’t stop fighting on behalf of Montana seniors in the Senate.”

Seniors for Tester is led by seniors across Montana who support Jon’s mission to ensure that Montana’s seniors get the quality of life and access to healthcare that they’ve earned.

Seniors for Tester Co-Chairs

Patt Iron Cloud: Patt is a wife, a mother and grandmother. Her greatest accomplishment is being a great grandma. She worked for the Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes all of her life, and worked mostly in the Health and Welfare and Law and Justice Programs. Patt was appointed to sit on the Board of Pardons and Parole for the state of Montana, and she now serves on the Board for Montana Native Women’s Coalition, a program that fights against domestic violence. She has served on the executive council for 8 years as a Councilwoman and as a Vice Chairwoman.

Karen Wickersham: Karen retired after a 34-year Forest Service career as a Budget Officer and Management Analyst. Karen received accolades from the Forest Service Chief and the Governor of Alaska during her time in the Forest Service. She remains active in her community working to increase voter participation and keep Missoula seniors engaged.

Ed Stevenson: Ed is a retired United Methodist pastor who spent more than 35 years leading churches. Ed is a community leader in Helena, and is involved with a number of interfaith and intercultural programs through his church and World Montana. He is an advocate for community engagement and has helped develop community forums in Helena.