Montanans for Tester Launch NEW AD: “Not For Sale”

In New Television Ad, Jon Tester Pledges to Continue Defending Montana’s Public Lands

Billings—Today, Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched a new statewide television ad for his 2018 re-election campaign. The ad highlights Tester’s commitment to defending Montana’s outdoor heritage from outsiders who are trying to sell off, transfer, and develop Montana’s public lands.

In the 30-second television spot, “Not For Sale,” Tester talks about his personal connection with the Montana land that three generations of his family have called home. The ad also features Montanans praising Jon’s strong record on public lands.

“There is no stronger champion for public lands in the Senate than Jon Tester,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager for Montanans for Tester. “Jon relentlessly fights to keep Montana’s outdoor economy thriving and to keep public lands in public hands for the next generation of Montanans. As long as Jon is in the Senate, Montana is not for sale.”

WATCH: “Not For Sale

Tester is a tireless advocate for Montana’s outdoor economy, which supports more than 70,000 jobs annually. He opposes efforts to sell off or transfer federal public lands, and will never stop fighting to reduce barriers to public access of land, and protect public land from development.