Matt Rosendale Continues to Mislead Montanans, Tries to Hide His Record of Being Out for Himself

Matt Rosendale’s Latest Ad Masks His Record of Being a Rubber-Stamp for Donors and Party Bosses

Billings—This week, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale tried to cover up Jon Tester’s strong bipartisan record of getting things done for Montana. But Montanans know by now that Rosendale has a flimsy relationship with the truth—and his latest disingenuous, partisan attack is no different.

The truth is that Tester has long been recognized for bucking his party when it’s right for Montana, and for working with President Trump to get 20 bills—and counting—signed into law.

Tester was named one of Congress’ most effective senators because of his ability to sit down with his colleagues across the aisle and deliver results. He regularly stood up to the Obama Administration when they pushed for policies that would hurt Montana.

Under the current administration, Tester has landed 20 bills on President Trump’s desk for signing, including bills to hold the VA accountable, deliver resources to our first responders, improve care for veterans, provide relief for community banks in rural Montana, and cut government waste, fraud, and abuse.

Tester has also voted to confirm nearly two-thirds of President Trump’s judicial and cabinet nominees, including both of President Trump’s nominees for Secretary of Veterans Affairs that came to a vote.

Matt Rosendale doesn’t have a record of delivering results—all he has is a record of being a rubber-stamp for his dark money backers.

One week into his tenure as state auditor, Rosendale met with top campaign donors and later dropped the fines against them. After Rosendale raised $16,000 from out-of-state short-term health insurance executives, he pushed to expand the sale of short-term plans to the people of Montana. These plans can deny coverage to Montanans with preexisting conditions.

“Montana families deserve an independent fighter who isn’t beholden to any political party or donor, and that’s Jon Tester,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “Rather than stand up for Montanans, Matt Rosendale has reliably done the bidding of his top donors and dark money bosses. The bottom line? Rosendale’s out for himself—always has been, always will be.”

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