Matt Rosendale and Mitch McConnell’s Smear Machine Team Up to Mislead Montanans About Jon Tester’s Record

Matt Rosendale and his Swampy East Coast Backers Launch Baseless Attack

Billings—Today, Matt Rosendale called in his kingmaker, Mitch McConnell, for a political bailout in the form of another false attack ad against Sen. Jon Tester.

State Frauditor Matt Rosendale joined the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) to launch a false attack against Senator Tester’s strong record on border security.

The Washington ad campaign claims Tester is for open borders despite Tester’s long record of relentlessly fighting for tougher border security. Tester, who has had 18 bills signed into law by President Trump, is a leading voice on border security. As Ranking Member on the Homeland Security Appropriations subcommittee, Tester fights to secure the border by bringing more technology, manpower, and resources to the border.

Rosendale has a record of voting against measures to keep Montana safe. He opposed bipartisan anti-human trafficking legislation. And he was recently called out by Montana’s largest newspaper for his opposition to these common-sense public safety laws.

“Matt Rosendale and his pal—and bankroller—Mitch McConnell can lie to Montanans all they want because telling the truth about Rosendale’s dangerous record on safety is a non-starter,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “Jon has a proven record of working across the aisle to secure our border. State Frauditor Matt Rosendale’s lies might make him friends on his native East Coast, but in Montana we value honesty and Jon’s top priority is keeping Montanans safe.”

Rosendale continues to have a hard time with the truth, despite independent fact checkers already giving Rosendale two “Pants on Fire” claims this campaign.

For more information on Rosendale and McConnell’s false advertisement click HERE.