Maryland Matt Rosendale Releases New Misleading Attack Ad

Billings—Today, wealthy East Coast developer Matt Rosendale released a false new attack ad in an effort to resuscitate a campaign that has been crippled by scandal after scandal after scandal.

Rosendale knows he can’t beat Jon Tester for who he is, so once again, Rosendale has gone on television with a misleading ad to try and make Jon into something he’s not.

The reality?

Jon Tester is a third generation Montanan who has spent his entire life running his Big Sandy farm with his wife and partner, Sharla.

And he’s spent his career as a U.S. Senator fighting for Montanans. Jon has led by example in making Washington more accountable to Montana, returning more than $3 million from his office budget. He was the first senator to post his daily schedule online so Montanans can see who he is meeting with every day. And Jon is fighting to crack down on government waste, including a law praised by the Trump Administration for helping “drain the swamp.”

He has fought tirelessly to crack down on perks for Members of Congress, from fighting to eliminate automatic pay raises to passing laws banning gifts from lobbyists, insider trading by Congress, and taxpayer-funded oil paintings for Members of Congress.

Matt Rosendale, on the other hand, is a multimillionaire East Coast real estate developer who moved to Montana after buying a $2 million trophy ranch that he doesn’t even ranch himself. Rosendale’s only experience with working the land in Montana is turning farmland into real estate developments.

Rosendale is a career political opportunist who started off his campaign with an outright lie about Jon Tester’s record, so it’s not surprising he failed to mention his campaign is propped up by dark money outside groups lying about Jon. He has bent over backward for the best interests of dark money, land developers like himself, and his party bosses, and is using a “legal form of money laundering” to help his big out-of-state donors circumvent campaign finance limits.

“Montanans know that whether he is working his farm, traveling the state to meet Montanans, or on the job in Washington, Jon fights for Montana values every single day,” said Christie Roberts, campaign manager of Montanans for Tester. “Matt Rosendale is an East Coast developer who is only out for himself, and he doesn’t share our Montana values.”

A link to more of the facts can be found HERE.