Koch Brothers-Backed Super PAC Tries to Mask Rosendale’s Record of Making Health Care Less Affordable for Montanans

Outside Group Club For Growth Launches New Misleading Television Ad

Billings—This week, the Koch Brothers-backed outside group Club For Growth aired a new television ad that attempts to distort Jon Tester’s record of fighting for affordable, high-quality health care for Montanans.

The misleading advertisement, funded by out-of-state dollars, failed to mention Tester’s long, proven record of fighting for better health care for Montanans.

He has held insurance companies accountable so they can’t deny coverage because a person has a pre-existing condition, can’t kick a person off their insurance if they get sick, and can’t cap coverage for care.

Tester has relentlessly pushed to protect Montana’s Medicaid plan that provides coverage to nearly 100,000 Montanans, successfully cut burdensome reporting requirements for small businesses, and improved our health care law by giving small business owners more flexibility.

But where Tester has fought to lower health care costs for Montanans, East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has pushed policies that would make costs higher.

Rosendale wants to repeal the current health care bill in its entirety, which would gut the coverage and health care benefits it provides to tens of thousands of Montanans who were previously routinely denied affordable health care—such as Montana women, Native Americans, and Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

Rosendale even opposes Montana’s Medicaid plan, which has been praised not only for helping Montanans receive care, but for creating good-paying jobs and saving the state $36 million.

As insurance commissioner, he famously rubber-stamped average health insurance rate increases of up to 23 percent.

“Matt Rosendale has an indefensible record of trying to rob Montanans of their affordable health care, and now his billionaire out-of-state buddies are trying to cover that record up,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “As state insurance commissioner, Rosendale routinely sides with insurance lobbyists and big corporations while throwing working Montana families under the bus. Montanans know that only one candidate in this race has fought to make their health care more affordable—and that’s Jon Tester.”

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