Jon Tester Honors Montana Working Families on Labor Day

Billings—Today, Big Sandy farmer Jon Tester, who will visit with workers in Billings and join a rally in support of locked out workers in Three Forks, released the following statement in celebration of Labor Day:

“Montana workers have a strong tradition of rising up to fight back when corporate interests try to exploit them. I’m proud to fight alongside the men and women who uphold this tradition every day, and today I stand alongside the families who are locked out of their jobs at Imerys in Three Forks. Montana families, including those in Three Forks, deserve safe working conditions, reasonable benefits, and fair wages, and I won’t ever stop fighting to make sure Montana workers are given a fair shake.”

Tester has been a relentless advocate for workers throughout his career. Tester has pushed for fair increases to the minimum wage and has regularly gone to bat for collective bargaining rights. Tester has also been fighting for an infrastructure bill in the Senate which would help create jobs all across Montana.

East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has undermined workers rights at every turn. In addition to opposing raising the minimum wage to a fair wage and supporting destructive “right-to-work” laws, Rosendale has regularly put the interests of Montana families on the back burner while bending over backwards for corporations and lobbyists.