Five Questions Matt Rosendale Needs to Answer During Tomorrow’s Debate

Missoula—East Coast developer Matt Rosendale has a bad habit of dodging debates—and reporters—and refusing to comment on the issues that are important to Montanans. Luckily, it seems as if Montanans will finally have a chance to hear directly from Rosendale on some of these issues during tonight’s debate.

Here are five key questions that Montanans want to be answered during tonight’s debate:

  1. Why is Rosendale pushing policies that would allow insurance companies to deny coverage to Montanans with preexisting conditions? Rosendale has pushed for a full repeal of our health care law, which protects coverage for preexisting conditions. Rosendale has also tried to cover up his record of jeopardizing health care coverage for Montanans with preexisting conditions—and gotten slammed for it.

  2. Will Rosendale explain why he dropped fines and dismissed long-standing charges against a top campaign donor? This week, we learned that Rosendale met with the head of a company whose leaders were among his top campaign donors eight days after taking office as state auditor—and later dropped fines and dismissed charges against the company. As one government ethics expert put it: “The appearance is terrible.”

  3. Why does Rosendale believe that delivering better care for Montana veterans and resources for our first responders is the “little stuff”? In an insulting television ad, Rosendale called the 20 bills that Jon has written and gotten signed into law by President Trump the “little stuff.” Lest we forget: These are bills that hold the VA accountable, deliver resources to our first responders, improve care for veterans, and cut government waste, fraud, and abuse.

  4. Will Rosendale keep lying about his terrible record on public lands? Rosendale recently seemed to realize that his record of pushing to transfer federal public lands and refusing to protect and expand public lands access isn’t a winning issue for Montanans. Will he admit to attempting to cover it up?

  5. Why is Rosendale still calling himself a rancher? Lol. Seriously. Need we say more?