Editorial: Jon Tester “Pushing for More Transparency in Elections”

Billings – Yesterday, the Missoulian editorial board praised Sen. Jon Tester for being on the frontlines of the fight to increase transparency in our elections.

By contrast, State Frauditor Matt Rosendale didn’t get such a glowing treatment. The editorial mentions a 2015 bill that Rosendale voted against, the DISCLOSE Act, which increased transparency in Montana elections. And Montana voters were reminded once again of Rosendale’s shady campaign finance tactics that allow him to skirt individual campaign contribution limits, a loophole that “looks a lot like money laundering scheme.”

Missoulian: Montanans must fight to shine light on dark money
By Editorial Board
July 29, 2018

Key points:

  • “Gov. Steve Bullock and U.S. Sen. Jon Tester moved swiftly to counter this assault on campaign transparency, with Montana’s governor filing a federal lawsuit while Montana’s senior senator introduced legislation to overturn the new rule.”

  • “Montanans must rally to join the fight. It’s essential that we voice united support for these efforts […] After all, campaign transparency is a fundamental component of election integrity. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

  • “The Spotlight Act introduced by Tester last week would […] nullify the decision from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.”

  • “The bill continues a trend from Tester of pushing for greater transparency in elections. He has, for instance, sponsored or co-sponsored bills aimed at reversing the Citizens United ruling.”

  • “Most recently, Rosendale’s campaign raised some eyebrows when the Daily Beast reported that he had seemingly found a legal but ethically questionable way to get around individual campaign contribution limits. Apparently, donors who had already maxed out the contribution limit for the 2018 election gave additional money to help Rosendale pay off the debt from his 2014 House race.”

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