East Coast Developer Matt Rosendale Tries to Cover Up His Own Swampy Record

New Television Ad Hides Rosendale’s Dealings with Lobbyists

Billings—East Coast developer Matt Rosendale is up with a new television ad trying to distract attention from all the ways he’s cozied up to lobbyists.

Unfortunately for Rosendale, actions speak louder than words—and Rosendale’s actions are downright swampy.

As a state legislator, Rosendale pushed to allow lobbyists to pay for his travel expenses by voting to revive “special accounts”—which had initially been reined in because they opened the door for elected officials to raise thousands of dollars from lobbyists without oversight.

Rosendale has brought the swamp with him to Helena. After being sworn in as state insurance commissioner, Rosendale hired an insurance industry lobbyist to help run his office. An out-of-state interest group has spent nearly $10,000 taking Rosendale on junkets across the country, where he’s rubbed elbows with insurance lobbyists and executives.

After Rosendale raised $16,000 from short-term health insurance executives during a fundraiser in Florida, he started championing the expansion of short-term health insurance plans. And just this week, it was reported that in his capacity as state auditor, Rosendale dropped fines and dismissed long-standing legal action against one of his top campaign donors.

And a quick look at his voting record shows that Rosendale is willing to follow the lead of his dark money allies—he has a 100 percent record of voting with the Koch Brothers.

“There’s no question about it: Matt Rosendale brought the swamp with him from the East Coast,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “Over and over again, Rosendale has shown us that his priority isn’t Montana—it’s looking out for himself. Whether he’s cashing in insurance executive checks or doing his top donors political favors, Rosendale is an opportunist who’s in it for himself.”

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