Conservative Montana Republicans Support Jon Tester for Delivering Results and Fighting for Montana Values

Billings – In case you missed it, yesterday Big Sandy farmer and United States Senator Jon Tester launched Republicans for Tester, a group of longtime Montana Republicans who support Jon because of his strong record of standing up for Montana values and getting things done.

The group of conservative Montana Republicans—ranging from mayors to city councilmembers to veterans to Trump supporters—said that they supported Tester for working across party lines to deliver results for veterans, public lands, and agriculture.

You can read more of the Montana coverage on the Republicans for Tester launch below:


“All three of them say they voted for President Trump in 2016, but they’re supporting Tester this year because they see him as a strong advocate for rural Montana and for veterans.”

Daily Inter Lake: GOP Coalition Puts Support Behind Tester

“Republicans for Tester explained their position as a defense of Montana values, a vote for Tester’s character and a commitment to issues — namely veterans affairs, small business and agriculture, and public lands — important to the state.”

MTPR: Tester Trumpets Support From Longtime Republicans

“‘He’s looking out for the little person, and the Republican Party’s stopped doing that […] The Republican Party’s lost its way, and it’s not the party of small business that it was, or independents, it’s the party of corporations […] Jon understands what’s going on.’”

Missoula Current: Montana Republicans pledge support for “prairie populist” Tester as election nears

“‘The only reason I voted for President Trump – I just didn’t want to see the same things occurring for the next four years […] I thought a change was necessary at that level. But here in the state, I’m convinced Sen. Tester is who we need to keep in office.’”

“‘There’s four reasons we need to keep (Tester) in the U.S. Senate—veterans issues, agriculture, seniority and character of the individual […] I’ve never voted a straight party ticket in my life. I’ve always voted my interests and the character of the candidate, and (Tester) has always been upright and honest.’”