Beltway Super PAC Joins Deep Bench of Outside Groups Trying to Save Rosendale’s Campaign

America First Action PAC Throws Hat in the Ring in Attempt to Hide Rosendale’s Record

Billings—This week, America First Action PAC—from headquarters that are literally located in the Beltway—decided to join a deep bench of out-of-state groups that are flooding Montana with millions of dollars to try and buy the Senate election for Matt Rosendale.

Sitting in an office thousands of miles away from Montana but just a short drive from Washington, D.C., the out-of-state super PAC started their ad with a lie about Jon Tester only driving a tractor for TV—when in reality, Tester is the Senate’s only working farmer and returns to his farm in Big Sandy almost every weekend.

The rest of the ad is just as dishonest and just as out-of-touch about Montana’s way of life.

Jon Tester has had a strong record of fighting to cut down on government waste, fraud, and abuse since day one. Tester fought to end automatic pay raises for members of Congress, ban wasteful spending on Congressional perks, and is pushing to make big government contracts available to the public so taxpayers know exactly how their dollars are being spent.

Conveniently, the ad doesn’t mention Matt Rosendale’s record of schmoozing with lobbyists and bending over backward for insurance industry executives at the expense of working Montana families.

As state insurance commissioner, one of Rosendale’s first orders of business was to hire an insurance industry lobbyist to help run his office.  And as a state legislator, Rosendale voted to bring back “special accounts” so he could fundraise from lobbyists for his travel expenses.

Rosendale also appears to be bought and paid for by industries he is supposed to regulate. After short-term health insurance executives gave Rosendale $16,000, he fought to expand short-term health insurance plans—which aren’t required to cover preexisting conditions—in Montana. As state auditor, Rosendale dropped fines and dismissed charges against a company whose representatives had donated nearly $13,000 to his campaigns.

“Matt Rosendale must be really desperate if he’s calling for backup from a super PAC in the Beltway to try and lie to Montanans about who Jon Tester is,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “This disingenuous attack ad from the heart of the swamp will ring hollow for the Montanans who know Jon for who he is—a third-generation Montanan and dirt farmer from Big Sandy.”

For more information on America First Action PAC’s advertisement, click HERE.