BAILED OUT: Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senate Committee Provides Cover for Matt Rosendale

Washington Money Flows Freely to Try and Buoy Maryland Matt Rosendale


Billings—This week, the National Republican Senate Committee launched a new misleading television ad against Jon Tester in a desperate attempt to help out their flawed, unpopular, and failing candidate Matt Rosendale.

The NRSC ad twists Tester’s record to try and turn him into something he’s not, including ignoring his strong record on border security, his bipartisan 18 bills signed into law by the President, and his fiscal responsibility.

Earlier this month, Mitch McConnell’s NRSC brought in the cavalry to try and boost Maryland’s own Matt Rosendale. Rosendale’s anemic fundraising numbers forced his campaign to launch a “joint” advertisement with the Washington, DC committee.

“Matt Rosendale and his Washington, DC allies might think this is a game, but they can’t ignore Rosendale’s real record,” said Montanans for Tester spokesperson Luke Jackson. “He’s supposed to reduce health care costs, but he rubber-stamped higher insurance rates for Montana families. He’s supposed to protect Montanans from predatory insurance practices, but he hired an insurance lobbyist to help run his office.  For Montanans, Matt Rosendale doesn’t even pass the smell test.”

For more information on the NRSC’s advertisement click HERE.