Another Out-of-State Dark Money Group Is Trying to Distort Jon Tester’s Record

Billings—Yet another shady, out-of-state, dark money super PAC began launching false attacks against Sen. Jon Tester.

Club for Growth, a Koch-backed out-of-state dark money group, launched a statewide television ad buy last week worth more than $600,000, hoping to deceive Montanans about Jon Tester’s record.

Club for Growth’s dark money mental gymnastics ignores Jon’s record of reducing wasteful government spending, including legislation signed by President Trump to reduce government waste, fraud, and abuse. Jon maintains a proven record of fighting to reduce government spending, and he’s returned $3.3 million from his office budget.

Club for Growth spent more than $1 million during the divisive, bloody, and bruising GOP primary campaign for the nomination. Earlier this year, Club for Growth viciously attacked Billings Judge Russell Fagg, drawing a rebuke from Yellowstone County Attorney Scott Twito. Twito called Club’s ad, “garbage.”

In a primary filled with Tier-C candidates, Matt Rosendale leaned heavily on dark money groups like Club for Growth to do his dirty work. Rosendale limped across the finish line with multiple out-of-state, dark money groups cheering him on and filling the airwaves with malicious character attacks.  Now, Rosendale is under fire for his shady campaign finance scheme on behalf of wealthy out-of-state donors.

For more information on Club for Growth’s advertisement click HERE.