A Stark Choice for Montana Voters: Tester Fights for Veterans, Rosendale Looks Out for Himself

Billings—When Matt Rosendale was asked about his (bad) record on veterans issues in a recent interview with the Helena Independent Record, Rosendale “refused to discuss any votes he took in the Legislature” and said, “I’m not going to go through bill by bill all of my legislation […] there’s no way I’m going to be able to.”

It’s no wonder Rosendale doesn’t want to talk about his record on veterans: It consists of terrible votes to deny funding for critical Montana veterans homes, reject a home loan program for veterans and Gold Star families trying to buy their first home, and deny scholarships to Montana Purple Heart recipients.

Given Rosendale’s reluctance to discuss his record on Montana’s veterans compared to Jon Tester’s, we decided to do it for him. Let’s set the record straight:

On their voting records:

Matt Rosendale: Refuses to defend or discuss any votes he took in the Montana legislature on veterans issues.

Jon Tester: Has a strong record of relentlessly fighting for veterans, including nine bills to help veterans signed into law by President Trump this Congress alone.

On helping veterans:

Matt Rosendale: Disregarding his own weak record, claims Tester has done nothing for veterans.

Jon Tester: In addition to the nine bills signed by President Trump, Tester has teamed up with his staff to help 5,100 veterans through his office’s formal casework process.

On delivering veterans health care services:

Matt Rosendale: Said that as Senator he would focus on the delivery of quality health care to veterans, saying it’s important to “[…] make sure that we have adequate practitioners, adequate physicians in the field to deliver those services.”

Jon Tester: Introduced and passed the VA MISSION Act, legislation that is currently being implemented to make sure there are adequate practitioners and adequate physicians in the field to deliver health care services to veterans.

On working with President Trump:

Matt Rosendale: Brags about his support for President Donald Trump.

Jon Tester: Actually works with President Trump, who recently called two of Jon Tester’s veterans bills “landmark” legislation and said the bills resulted in “taking care of our veterans more than anybody’s ever taken care of them.

And last, but not least…

Matt Rosendale: Is nowhere to be found, unless it’s fundraising in Washington.

Jon Tester: Constantly holds events across the state, including a recent event to give Montana veterans information about his recent bill to improve their health care services, the VA MISSION Act.

Montana voters will have a stark choice at the ballot box this November. One of the candidates has a proven record of fighting for veterans, the other hides from Montanans and tries to mask his voting record. Montanans know that Jon is a relentless advocate for Montana veterans, and nothing Rosendale says will change that.