Women thank Tester for another health care milestone

Tester-supported health service provisions for 140,000 MT women go into effect today

Rehberg actively trying to undo women’s health care provisions

BILLINGS, Mont. – More than 140,000 Montana women now have guaranteed access to preventative “copay-free” health care services thanks to provisions—supported by Jon Tester—that go into effect today.

Congressman Dennis Rehberg, however, is leading efforts to remove these health care services for women while protecting tax breaks for millionaires.

Rehberg recently authored a controversial spending bill that “re-launched” the debate over women’s health care. Rehberg’s legislation includes a rider specifically limiting contraception coverage for women. Rehberg also proposes eliminating Title X, which funds cancer screenings and other life-saving health services for tens of thousands of Montana women ever year.

“This day is a turning point for Montana women because it means thousands more of us will have access to life-saving, quality care,” said Connie Brox, cancer victim from Butte and member of Women for Tester. “We thank Jon for his leadership and for making our health care a priority. And we will continue to hold Congressman Dennis Rehberg accountable for his irresponsible decisions to limit access to women’s health care.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Services, the provisions that go into effect today will serve 47 million American women, including 140,400 Montanans.

The “copay-free” provisions that go into effect today include:

  • Contraceptive methods and family planning counseling
  • Well woman visits
  • Breastfeeding support and counseling
  • Screening and counseling for domestic violence
  • Counseling for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Screening for gestational diabetes
  • Screening for HIV

In a recent TV ad by Montanans for Tester, a Montana cancer survivor Rehberg to task for trying to completely eliminate Title X cancer screenings and other health care services.