Tester’s record contrasts fellow candidates’ priorities in newspaper ads

Ads highlight Rehberg’s irresponsible decisions that hurt Montana

BILLINGS, Mont.—Montanans across the state are opening their local newspapers this week to find full-page ads contrasting Jon Tester’s Montana-first agenda with the wrong priorities of his fellow U.S. Senate candidates, Congressman Dennis Rehberg and Libertarian Dan Cox.

The ads were designed by Montanans for Tester to remind voters of the irresponsible decisions Rehberg has made during his 12 years in Washington and how his out-of-touch agenda has hurt Montanans.

The ads also highlight the candidates’ positions on key issues that Montanans care about the most.

Big Government” highlights Rehberg’s support for measures that increase the authority and power of DC bureaucrats—No Child Left Behind, the Patriot Act, Real ID, and his own federal land grab bill. Tester’s has a strong record of protecting Montana’s freedoms.

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Bought and $old” reminds voters that behind closed doors—and away from the ears of Montanans—Rehberg admitted how much he relies on lobbyists and special interests to help influence his out-of-touch agenda. Unlike Tester, the Congressman has taken 28 exotic luxury trips paid for by special interests, lobbyists and even taxpayers.

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Not Looking Out for Libby” The Congressman’s reckless decision to put corporate greed ahead of families has taken a direct aim at residents of Libby. Rehberg tried to strip health care for Libby residents suffering from devastating asbestos contamination—through no fault of their own. Rehberg also opposes timber jobs for Libby guaranteed by Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.

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Corporations Are People Too” or at least that’s what Congressman Rehberg believes. Rehberg defends giant corporations, votes to raise his pay, supports anonymous election spending and opposes tax cuts for the middle class. Tester fights to defend the rights of Montana’s working families and is fighting to put an end to the influx of secret money in Montana’s elections.

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Billings Taxpayers Paid $21,000” highlights Rehberg’s meritless lawsuit against the Billings Fire Department that cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.  Tester’s has a record of supporting responsible measures that help firefighters and protect Montanans.

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“Montanans are quickly remembering how 12 years of Dennis Rehberg’s wrong priorities have personally hurt them and their communities,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Unlike Dennis Rehberg and his special interest agenda, Jon Tester always puts Montana first.”