Tester’s Full Page Ad Welcomes McCain to Montana

Full-page ad greets Arizona senator, blasts Dennis Rehberg for supporting unpopular decision

BILLINGS, Mont.— A full-page ad in Friday Great Falls Tribune greets Arizona Senator John McCain as he arrives in Great Falls, Mont.

The ad, paid for by the U.S. Senate campaign of Montana farmer Jon Tester, thanks McCain for “standing with Montanans” against the U.S. Supreme Court’s unpopular Citizens United v. FEC decision.

Both McCain and Tester are outspoken critics of the decision. McCain called it “the worst decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st Century.”

Congressman Dennis Rehberg, however, embraces the decision, which allows special interests to spend unlimited money. That’s because Rehberg’s campaign is bankrolled by numerous special interests that have already spent more than $4 million attacking Tester.

“Citizens United was the right decision on the part of the Supreme Court,” Rehberg said during a debate earlier this summer.

Rehberg even earned the endorsement of the organization Citizens United, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court decision.

The newspaper ad also highlights Rehberg’s failures to hold himself accountable to Montana. Rehberg last year hid $25,000 in campaign contributions from federal lobbyists. This summer, Rehberg failed to disclose the occupations of one of every seven individual donors to his campaign.

“After 12 long years in Washington, Congressman Dennis Rehberg has lost touch with Montana while protecting tax breaks for millionaires and sending jobs overseas,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Senator McCain shares Montana’s values by opposing unlimited special interest campaign spending. Now we’re asking Congressman Rehberg why he refuses to stand with Montana on this important issue.”