Tester: Start casting those votes!

Montana farmer reminds Montanans that voting begins today

BILLINGS, Mont.—Montana farmer Jon Tester hit the airwaves today with a reminder that nearly a quarter-million Montanans are receiving ballots in their mailboxes, and he encouraged all voters to cast their ballots early through absentee voting.

“Absentee voting is a great way to vote because you can get the ballot, take your time, fill it out at your kitchen table before Election Day—it gives you time to think about it,” Tester said. “Voting is important either way because there have been many, many Americans that have fought and died for that right. I would encourage everybody out there that is going to vote to take a look at the absentee option.”

Download Tester’s actuality HERE.

Tester told Montana radio listeners that starting today, voters can mail back their absentee ballots or head to their local election sites to cast absentee ballots in person.

The Montana farmer also says this election gives an opportunity to make a clear choice about who puts Montana first, not special interests as Congressman Dennis Rehberg has done.

Tester said he will build on his record of creating jobs and responsibly cutting  the deficit while protecting Social Security and Medicare, education, veterans, and women’s health.

Montanans with questions about absentee voting, registration and voting locations can contact the Secretary of State’s voter hotline: 1-888-884-VOTE.