Tester: Labor Day honors Montana values

BUTTE, Mont.—Montana farmer Jon Tester today released the following message today to commemorate Labor Day:

“Labor Day honors the Montana values of hard work, fair pay and safe working conditions–and the countless men and women of our history who shed blood and sweat to set those standards for our nation. America’s laborers didn’t just build this country, they helped build the American Dream.

“We can never take these Montana values for granted.  Across this nation special interests are hard at work today, undermining our opportunities in order to protect tax breaks for millionaires and corporations that ship American jobs overseas.  Montana deserves better.

“To rebuild and strengthen our economy we need to protect and strengthen our workforce, rewarding American businesses that create American jobs.  This Labor Day, Montanans have my commitment that I will continue to stand up for all working families, fair pay and benefits, safe working conditions, and responsible efforts to create more jobs here at home.”