Steelworkers: Rehberg’s spending proposal ‘will cost American jobs’

Congressman’s spending plan ‘reduces the opportunity’ of ‘all Americans’

BILLINGS, Mont.— An organization of 1.2 million steelworkers is furious at Congressman Dennis Rehberg for axing initiatives critical to working families.

As head of a congressional committee responsible for funding, Rehberg recently introduced a proposal that debilitates critical workforce and health care measures.

United Steelworkers said Rehberg controversial plan will “cost American jobs and will under-equip our labor force in competing with an increasingly global market.”

Rehberg’s bill cuts $300 million from initiatives that help retrain workers in new careers and transition to new jobs after they’ve lost their jobs or need to pursue alternative careers.

Employees’ rights in the workplace are also diminished as a result of Rehberg’s plan.

United Steelworkers also draw attention to the fact that Rehberg’s spending proposal “significantly reduces the opportunity of shared prosperity for all Americans.”

Rehberg’s irresponsible $1.5 billion cut to Medicare and Medicaid is estimated to increase federal deficit spending by $295 million.

Cuts in Rehberg’s bill prevent the enforcement of a cost-containing provision requiring insurance companies to spend 80 percent of health insurance dollars on actual health care instead of marketing or CEO salaries. Rehberg’s plan would make it easier for insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

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