Sportsmen trash Rehberg’s ‘bad legislation’ as hunting season approaches

Lobbyist’s plan gives bureaucrats control of Montana’s prized public hunting land

BILLINGS, Mont.—Montana hunters preparing for the season are trashing lobbyist-turned-Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s controversial plan that gives federal bureaucrats control over Montana’s best places to hunt and fish.

Rehberg’s unpopular H.R. 1505 gives the U.S. government “unprecedented power” to seize control and make top-down decisions about all federal lands within 100 miles of Montana’s northern border.

H.R. 1505, which Rehberg supported earlier this year, gives government agents authority to build roads, watchtowers and buildings on public lands without public input—jeopardizing some of Montana’s best places to hunt and fish.

Sportsmen from across the political spectrum call Rehberg’s plan “bad legislation” because it undermines public input and numerous laws that guarantee hunting and fishing access, and health populations of fish and wildlife.

Here’s what Montanans have said in recent days:

  • “These worries are justified because [Rehberg] regrets his support of Real ID and the Patriot Act. Nonetheless, Rehberg is co-sponsoring HR 1505 which similarly infringes our rights.” –Rob Gregoire, Bozeman
  • “I think of folks with the congressman’s point of view as people who want to get the federal government out of local affairs. I have some sympathy for that opinion. So why on earth would a member of our congressional delegation favor giving more power over Montana lands to Washington, D.C.?” –Marshall Delano, Missoula
  • “This is not a made-up issue. This is an unprecedented federal land grab.” –Len Kopec, Augusta

Conservative blogger Ed Barry calls Rehberg’s bill a “fatal betrayal of America” for its government overreach.

Even Steve Daines, currently running for Rehberg’s U.S. House seat, criticized Rehberg’s bill.

“We’ve got people back in Washington that don’t understand the importance here of states’ rights,” Daines said of H.R. 1505.

“With hunting season just around the corner, Lobbyist Dennis Rehberg keeps ignoring Montanans and defending his unpopular big government bill,” said Montanan’s for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Dennis Rehberg’s decision to push his own bill putting federal bureaucrats in charge of Montana is irresponsible and woefully out of touch.”