Rehberg’s spending proposal threatens life-saving research

Health industry coalition “concerned” Congressman’s plan risks scientific achievement and progress

BILLINGS, Mont.—A coalition committed to supporting biomedical imaging research is criticizing Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s controversial spending proposal, saying the plan puts life-saving research at risk.

Coalition for Imaging and Bioengineering Research is concerned that controversial restrictions in Rehberg’s spending plan will “threaten [the National Institutes of Health’s] record of scientific achievement and progress.”

The spending plan Rehberg introduced in his congressional committee jeopardizes imaging research supported by the National Institutes of Health which helps save lives by giving patients and physicians the tools necessary to detect, diagnose, and treat disease.

The restrictions in Rehberg’s proposal obstruct research at the National Institutes of Health that helps “create jobs and economic opportunities,” wrote the Coalition in its letter to Rehberg.

According to the Coalition the constraints Rehberg’s spending plan inflicts on the National Institutes of Health will “discourage talented young physician-scientists from undertaking careers in research.”

Read more about the Coalition for Imagining and Bioengineering Research’s criticism of Rehberg’s spending proposal HERE.

Prominent groups across the nation are criticizing Rehberg’s bill: