Rehberg’s special interest-funded golf getaway a ‘festival of access-buying’

Congressman wined and dined and with Big Oil execs at Phoenix resort

Questions raised when Rehberg used trip to raise campaign cash

BILLINGS, Mont.— As critics blasted a lavish, four-day getaway funded by special interests to “wine and dine and golf” members of Congress, Dennis Rehberg was hoping Montanans wouldn’t notice.

But a newspaper report reveals Rehberg attended the controversial 2004 resort trip in Phoenix, raising money for himself while doing the bidding of Big Oil companies.

Rehberg’s luxury getaway kicked off with a round of golf and private dinner, dubbed “Mulligans and Margaritas,” at a cost of $1,500 per person—money that went to Rehberg’s campaign. After the lavish dinners, cocktail receptions and golf rounds, CEOs and energy lobbyists discussed their “Top Ten To-Do List” of legislative items they wanted Rehberg and his colleagues to support in Washington DC.

Watch Rehberg golfing for dollars HERE.

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A government watchdog critic called Rehberg’s getaway a “festival of access-buying.”

“For 12 years in D.C. Dennis Rehberg has been looking out for himself and special interests—not Montanans,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff.  “Congressman Rehberg is an irresponsible yes-man for special interests like Big Oil companies, and Montanans are eager to tell him ‘no more’ in November.”

Rehberg’s top campaign contributor is the oil and gas industry.  Rehberg received nearly $636,000 from the industry during his 12 years in Congress.

Rehberg consistently votes to protect tax loopholes for fellow millionaires and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Rehberg’s resort trip was also attended by Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles, a former lobbyist who went to prison for his involvement in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal.

In a newly released recording Rehberg told a group of lobbyists, “I rely on you to tell me the information. Many of you (lobbyists) are part of the solution—are part of turning this economy around and ending the recession.”

More information about Rehberg’s lobbyist-funded “festival of access-buying” in Phoenix is online HERE