Rehberg’s cuts to science and health care research cause for ‘grave concern’

Congressman’s spending proposal ‘pennywise and pound foolish’

BILLINGS, Mont.—A group representing 139 health care organizations says Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s spending proposal is a “grave concern” because of deep cuts to science and health care research.

The organization Friends of AHRQ says it is “concerned by the assault on science and research” in Rehberg’s spending plan.  Rehberg chairs a congressional committee responsible for health care funding.

Rehberg proposes completely eliminating the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, which is tasked with developing research to provide the best possible care at the greatest value, with the best possible outcomes.

“(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality)-funded research is being used in hospitals, private practices, health departments, and communities across the nation to fuel innovation and improve quality, identify waste, and enhance efficiency of the health care system,” wrote Friends of AHRQ in a letter to Rehberg, urging him to abandon his proposal.

Friends of AHRQ called Rehberg’s decision to terminate the funding “pennywise and pound foolish.”

The cuts Rehberg made in his spending proposal prove that he is comfortable forfeiting high-quality and low-cost health care in order to protect tax breaks for millionaires.

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Prominent groups across the nation are criticizing Rehberg’s bill: