Rehberg’s anti-education agenda revealed as students head back to school

Congressman protects tax breaks for millionaires at expense of education

BILLINGS, Mont.— Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s already earned an F for his anti-education agenda and record of cuts to education funding, leaving Montanans questioning Rehberg’s priorities as students head back to school.

As the head of a key education funding committee, Rehberg introduced a spending proposal that cut education funding by more than $1 billion–cuts the National Education Association called “the wrong priorities.”

Rehberg voted to cut $1.1 billion from Head Start, the initiative that helps thousands of Montana children get a jump start on lifelong learning skills. Rehberg’s vote to gut Head Start by 20 percent would force 218,000 students out of Head Start and layoff an estimated 55,000 teachers and staff.

Despite skyrocketing college tuition rates, Rehberg consistently supports cuts to financial aid. Rehberg cut $12.7 billion from student loan–the largest single cut in history. Rehberg said Pell Grants were “killing us” after calling them the “welfare of the 21st Century”—he voted to slash $700 from the average Montana student’s Grant.

Rehberg’s efforts have made it harder for schools to keep quality teachers in the classroom. Rehberg voted against extending a tax credit for teachers. The fails to properly train teachersspending plan he introduced in his committee allows more underqualified teachers in school.

Rehberg’s spending proposal eliminates an initiative that covers the cost of Advanced Placement tests for low-income students and School Improvement Grants.  Montana received nearly $13 million from School Improvement Grants over the last two years.

“Congressman Dennis Rehberg spent the last 12 years in Congress slashing funding for education in order to protect tax breaks for fellow multi-millionaires.” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “Rehberg’s irresponsible anti-education record proves how out-of-out he is with what we value in Montana.”