Rehberg re-launches war on contraception

Congressman tries to deny access to women’s health care… again

BILLINGS, Mont. – Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s controversial spending plan includes a wildly unpopular provision to deny women basic health care services and contraception through their own private insurance plans.

Rehberg’s plan would allow employers to deny women access to birth control through employer-provided health insurance plans for any reason.

“Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s priorities are wrong for Montana. He wants to take away basic health care for women while protecting tax breaks for special interests and fellow millionaires.” said Holly Kaleczyc, co-chair of Women for Tester. “After 12 years in Washington, it’s clear that Congressman Rehberg is looking out for himself—not Montana women.”

Rehberg participates in a U.S. Senate debate in Big Sky, Montana

Earlier this year Rehberg supported a failed push to pass a similar provision despite the objections women across Montana.

Montana farmer Jon Tester protected the freedoms of Montana women by blocking the policy in March, calling it “reckless” and “unprecedented.”

Rehberg is now attempting to force the unpopular plan through Congress by including it in his controversial Labor/Health/Education spending bill.

Rehberg’s proposal would also eliminate Title X funding, which would deny cancer screenings and health care services to tens of thousands of Montana women.

“All women should have access to basic health care services, but Congressman Dennis Rehberg keeps trying to take it away,” said Dayna Swanson, deputy campaign manager of Montanans for Tester. “His priority is to protect tax breaks for fellow multimillionaires instead. Montana women cannot afford Congressman Rehberg’s irresponsible decision in the Senate.”

As a Montana state senator, Jon Tester ensured all Montana women access to contraception through their health insurance plans.