Rehberg: ‘Lobbying is an honorable profession’

‘If I had been smart’ I would have gone into lobbying, Congressman admits in newly released recording

BILLINGS, Mont.—Lobbying is an “honorable profession” according to Congressman Dennis Rehberg, who also admits he should have chosen a career in lobbying over serving in Congress.

Rehberg made the revealing remarks in a newly released recording of a speech to the American League of Lobbyists, an organization devoted to protecting the interests of lobbyists.

“If we had the choice to either run for Congress or be a lobbyist, wouldn’t you like to try the Congress first?” Rehberg told the organization. “And I fell for it and I ran for Congress. If I had been smart I would have said, ‘nope, no, I think I’ll stay out of the political arena and go into lobbying.’”

“Lobbying is an honorable profession,” Rehberg continued.

“Congressman Rehberg would rather be working as a lobbyist than serving Montanans, and that tells us exactly where his priorities are,” said Montanans for Tester spokeswoman Alexandra Fetissoff. “For 12 years in D.C. Dennis Rehberg has been looking out for himself and special interests. Rehberg’s comments about wanting to be a lobbyist and belief that ranching is ‘sitting around’ shows Montanans how out-of-touch he is.”

During his 12 years in Congress Rehberg enjoyed 13 luxury trips funded by lobbyists and other special interests—wining and dining at resort destinations in places like Italy, China and South America.

For the second time in two weeks Rehberg is exposing core values that don’t line up with Montana values. Rehberg took heat from Montana ranchers last week when he made controversial comments likening ranching to “sitting around… trying to keep the cows in the fence and putting water in front of them and such.”