Rehberg Games: Pay Raise Routine

Day 5: August 3, 2012

A five-time flop

Late yesterday, Will Deschamps, the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, pointed out that Congressman Dennis Rehberg is not a responsible representative of Montana on the world stage. So today we’re reintroducing the Dennis Rehberg Games to highlight his history of flipping and flopping, somersaulting and straddling. As we wrap up the first week of the Games, we turn our attention to the Rehberg Pay Raise Routine…a five-time flop of broken promises. After 35 years in politics, Congressman Rehberg’s priorities are out of touch and wrong for Montana.

WARM-UP: Rehberg promised he ‘will not vote for nor accept’ a pay raise.

“I have never voted for a pay raise, nor have I accepted one as a legislator, as Lieutenant Governor, and I will not vote for, nor accept a pay raise as a United States Senator and that is a promise,” Rehberg said told Yellowstone Public Radio in 1996—during his first failed run for the U.S. Senate. “I will not take a cost of living increase, because that’s a hidden pay raise. If I have to take it, I will donate it to a Montana charity. I do not believe in the multi-million dollar pensions that these guys give themselves. They go back poor and come back rich. That’s not right. That’s a promise.” [Yellowstone Public Radio, 5/17/96]

Rehberg made a similar promise to the Miles City Star, and in a campaign flier.

DISMOUNT: But in Congress, Rehberg voted to increase his own pay five times…

1. …by $3,300 in 2006 [H. Res.865, Vote #261, 6/13/06; Congressional Research Service, Salaries for Members of Congress: Congressional Votes]

2. …by $3,100 in 2005. [HR 342, Vote #327, 6/28/05]

3. …by $4,000 in 2004. [H Res 770, Vote #451, 9/14/04]

4. …by $3,400 in 2003. [H. Res. 351, Vote #463, 9/4/03]

5. …and by $4,700 in 2002. [H. Res. 488, Vote #322, 7/18/02]

LANDING: Once again, Dennis Rehberg stuck it… to Montana