Rehberg: “Far be it for me to question the Supreme Court”

Congressman refused to question Court’s controversial Citizens United decision

BILLINGS, Mont. – As Montanans opposed the U.S. Supreme Court’s unpopular Citizens United decision, Congressman Dennnis Rehberg refused to question the nation’s highest court.

“Far be it for me to question the philosophy and the decision-making of the United States Supreme Court,” Rehberg said on the May 4 Voices of Montana radio show.


Today the tables turned on Rehberg, and he now finds himself desperately calling for a “check and balance” following the Court’s ruling in favor of the Affordable Care Act.

Earlier this month, Rehberg defended the controversial Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court case, saying it was “the right decision.”

 Montana farmer Jon Tester has consistently opposed Citizens United case, saying it undermines democracy by allowing corporations to spend unlimited, secret money to buy votes.