Rehberg earns only 75% of Montana’s GOP Primary votes

Teske and Tester agree, Rehberg’s irresponsible decisions are harmful to Montana

BILLINGS, Mont. – Montana Republicans, Independents, Democrats and Libertarians have sent a clear message to 12-year Congressman Dennis Rehberg: “sometimes politicians are in office too long.”

Rehberg, challenged by Terry, Mont., farmer Dennis Teske in Tuesday’s Primary Election, pulled in only 75.74% percent of votes on the GOP ballot.

In fact, 23.78% of Montanans voted for Teske over Rehberg.

Teske’s challenge to Rehberg, a career politician, left him defending irresponsible policies that are wrong for Montana.

Teske last month told Montana Public Radio that Rehberg has lost touch with Montana, saying, “sometimes politicians are in office too long. They lose the heartbeat of the people. And they forget why they went there.” [Montana Public Radio, 5/30/2012]

Rehberg’s five votes in support of the controversial Patriot Act—a law Tester has consistenly opposed—sparked Teske’s challenge.

“It started with the Patriot Act,” Teske said. [Montana Public Radio, 5/30/2012]

After promising Montanans he would never vote for a pay raise, Rehberg voted five times to raise his own pay in Congress. Rehberg also supported tax loopholes for millionaires while voting against seniors, veterans and education.

“Jon Tester walked out of Montana’s Primary with an A+, knowing that Montanans are ready to support a farmer with Montana values who makes responsible decisions and holds Washington accountable,” said Montanans for Tester spokesman Aaron Murphy. “Congressman Dennis Rehberg earned an F from Montana voters, who won’t forget his attacks on Montanans freedoms including his votes for the Patriot Act, Real ID Act and the No Child Left Behind Act.”