Rehberg Cuts Target Cancer Research

Centers for Disease Control would suffer under Rehberg spending plan

BILLINGS, Mont. – Cancer research and prevention efforts would suffer deep cuts under the controversial spending plan authored by Congressman Dennis Rehberg.

The plan Rehberg is pushing through the House Appropriations Committee would rescind 28% of cancer prevention resources at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. [Politico, 7/17/2012] [, 5/2/2012]

In total, Rehberg’s plan would cut $787 million from the Centers for Disease Control, including $389 million from the account that funds the Center’s successful National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program and zeroing-out the Prevention and Public Health Fund. [House Appropriations Committee, Labor HHS, Minority Statement; Trust for America‚Äôs Health]

“Resources for cancer detection and prevention are invaluable to thousands of Montanans and Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s cuts would endanger those services,” said cancer survivor Terri Daily from Butte. “After 12 years in Washington D.C., Congressman Rehberg’s priorities of protecting tax breaks for millionaires don’t match the priorities of Montana’s women.”

Rehberg’s new push follows his support in early 2011 of $650 million in cuts to the Centers for Disease Control, which provides breast and cervical cancer screenings. [HR 1, Vote 147, 2/19/11]

These cuts are on top of the elimination of Title X funding which provides cancer screenings and health care services to tens of thousands of Montana women at 26 health care clinics statewide.

Rehberg’s new plan also includes a $409 million cut to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.